Everyone should "End to End" The Bibbulmun Track once in their life. This is a record of our attempt.

Location: Australia

Thursday, February 16, 2006


After 31 years in business, we find ourselves with spare time as never before.
We have decided to "End to End" the Bibbulmun Track, -check it out.
We are going to walk it from Albany upwards hopefully finishing late May or early June 2006.
Our 4 main reasons for doing the walk are ~
1. Because we can!
2. To get us a bit fitter, and to shed those Christmas kilos.
3. To give us time to get our heads around our new life.
4. To get us off the grog!!!!! (not that that's a real problem yet!)
We decided we must keep a diary of the walk, and because many people seem interested we decided to do it this way. We will be updating this site aprox every week when we hit a town with internet access.
It is all new to us but our fancy new 'phone takes photos so with a bit of technicological luck, we should be posting photos as well.
..............................................stay tuned!