Everyone should "End to End" The Bibbulmun Track once in their life. This is a record of our attempt.

Location: Australia

Monday, November 12, 2007

Dwellingup Weekend

We are doing the presentation again at a small charity folk festival this coming weekend at Dwellingup. When we did it at Araluen it went down a treat.

The Creation Song

The Creation Song
Words: Geoff Morgan Music: Margaret Morgan

The land was sleeping
Nothing moved, nothing grew
When the Waugal rose
And came into view
She travelled far
Throughout the land
Left a winding track
In the dusty sand

Then grew tired
You can see her still
Crouching in silence
In the broken hill
The rains then came
And the world began
The birds, the bush
Animals and man

So treat as sacred
The mother earth
Who to the Rainbow
Serpent gave birth
Save and protect
Her resting place
And all the time
Her spirit embrace

On a sunny day
When the rain is neigh
You may see her spirit
Proud in the sky
Pause for a moment
Pause and reflect
And treat the land
With great and respect

Saturday, June 23, 2007


We are appearing at this year's Araluen Folk Festival, 28 Sept 2007 to 1 Oct 2007 and will be presenting "the Bibbulmun Song Cycle"....check out thefestival
and check out our website
betterstill, come along to the festival!

Monday, October 23, 2006

The songs Wet Clothes & Dried Food

Wet Cloths & Dried Food

Been out here three weeks now
Me and my backpack
I want to walk “End to End”
The Bibbulmun track
It’s been pretty constant up to now
This cold and bloody rain
It gets inside your very core –
Messes with your brain

‘Cos I got
Wet cloths and dried food
Been on the track too long
Wet cloths and dried food
Listen to my song

I’ll be at Bevis hut quite soon
At five or quarter past
The clouds have lifted the sky is blue
The rain has stopped at last
I hope to hell they’ve left some wood
In the hut to dry
Tonight I’m going to light a fire
At least I’m going to try

All my cloths are soaking wet
From walking in the rain
I hope to dry them by the fire
To start off dry again
Penny is the campfire queen
I could do with her tonight
She’d grab a bunch of leaves and twigs
And get that fire alight

And when the fire is roaring
Wet socks will start to steam
I’ll get to thinking of gourmet food
It’s sort of like a dream
I’ll boil the billy and check my bag
I’ll have a cup of tea
I still have two packet soups -
“Veggie” or “Ham and Pea”.

In three more weeks my walk is done
I’ll finally reach the end
The long hard hill at Piesse Brook
I’ll grudgingly ascend
All hardship and adversity
Will be put aside
The pride I’ll feel within myself
Will be very hard to hide

© Geoff Morgan 21 June 2006

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Safely home

We are safely back on “Paradise”, and our feet are almost back to normal.
It was a terrific 61 days on the track, and the reception we received at the Kalamunda Pub is something we will remember forever. It was great to see Colin there as well. We shared three huts with him south of Dwellingup.
From Dwellingup we walked 10 days straight, but we were beginning to get the hang of it by then! The huts are closer together so we were able to ‘double hut’ several times.
We have met some wonderful people over the duration of the walk. It is surprising how many people are out there doing ‘End to End”. I thought we were going to be doing something pretty unique, but we are just a couple of the sheep. That said we have still sent off the form to get our certificates!
Mt Wells, Mt Cook, Mt Vincent, Mt Cuthbert, Mt Dale…..the names give you a bit of a clue as to the terrain of the last section. Many walkers double hut through Mt Wells, because reputedly pig shooters often stay in the hut, and the combination of bourbon & guns is not an attractive one. We shared that night with Ralph who was doing his first bushwalk, and was suffering from gout from over-indulging it the North Bannister Roadhouse, and Dave (E2E, N2S)…that’s end to end ,north to south in Bib slang!, and his girlfriend Marie who was going only as far as Donnelly River. Not a gun in sight. Bloody hell Dave, I thought I could snore!!!
The track is supposed to be 960km, but we are told that is measured on the map and doesn’t take into account the ups & downs. It is probably more like 1000km. No wonder our feet are a bit tender!
We did the walk in 61 days, and we are pretty pleased with ourselves, but when we were at the Helena Hut, almost 30k out from Kalamunda we met a young man who is trying to break the record of 17days. He was trying to get to the Hut at Mt Dale ton the first day which would be about 60k. He should be down on the south coast by now. Good luck.

But now it is back to reality, and lots of fresh vegetables & fruit and non dehydrated food….and planing perhaps The Pilgrims Way walk…who knows. Check it out

Thanks to all those who followed our progress…it’s been fun.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Our Last Hut !!!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sunset from Waalegh hut Posted by Picasa

Leaving Dwellingup 25 May
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Waalegh Hut-Fri 2nd JUNE Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 29, 2006

Summit Mt Cook on 27th Posted by Picasa